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Ten Great Adventurers Printed Book


From the author of "Uncover Exciting History" comes another great resource that brings history to life! "Ten Great Adventurers" presents heroes, role models, and pioneers to cherish and research. This volume contains the original 1915 book by Kate Dickinson, slightly edited by Amy Puetz. The men include British pirate Sir Francis Drake, missionary adventurer David Livingston, patriot John Paul Jones,and many others. Each chapter profile is told as a story, telling the tale of the hero’s life in rich detail. The book includes a glossary to easily reference the bold vocabulary words within the stories. At the close of the book, a timeline helps the student understand when each person lived in relation to each other. Many chapters include photos, and even maps for following the adventurers’ travels.

My own son thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. He first became excited about history when I read aloud Amy Puetz’s other works to him, so he was thrilled she has produced books specifically for boys. He was pleased to learn more about characters he had read of before, and he was very excited about the stories of heroes he had never heard of before. When I asked to read the books for myself, the answer was, “Will you give it right back?”

"Ten Great Adventurers" makes an excellent addition to the homeschool reference bookshelf. Whatever method of history teaching or curriculum, this book provides supplementary reading and research while instilling a love for the stories of history and the character of true heroes. And isn’t that what history is all about?

Lea Ann Garfias
Date Added: 04/30/2011 by Lea Ann Garfias
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