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Countdown to Easter Printed Book


Every once in a while you come across something that is really special, old-fasioned and sweet and you just cannot wait to share it with your family. Well, Amy Puetz has put together a beautiful book called Countdown to Easter. Even though it is created for the 14 days leading up to Easter, I am so excited about this that we will start it this week. That will also help if I get inconsistent near the end (as I am prone to do), so I will have a couple of extra weeks to complete the activitites.

Let me tell you what is included:

Amy has included many stories written in the 18 and 1900s with their charming appeal and timeless wisdom. Each story is short enough to be manageable to read- even with many young children in the household, and their godly lessons will not be lost on your older children. Along with the beautiful stories and illustrations are activities.

These activities include much more than coloring pictures of ducks. Included are directions and patterns to make your own beautiful, handcrafted cards. Since I am not very creative, but am very good at following directions, these will be a real blessing to our family. There are also the words and music to many beautiful Easter hymns. In addition, there are wonderful recipes complete with step-by-step directions and photos. She even includes photos for creative presentation and wrapping.

This beautiful resource has more than 80 pages. In the introduction Amy Puetz states it is her wish that this book will be used to create wonderful memoroes for your family. I think she is right on point. So much of the Easter story can be lost on our children as we spend time going to Easter Egg hunts, preparing a big Easter dinner, and even packing baskets full of Easter candy. None of these will teach our children about Christ and the Resurrection- so why not spend some time focused on that as well?

Malia Russell, Director
Date Added: 02/22/2010 by Malia Russell
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