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Uncover Exciting History Printed Book


History is exciting, and Amy Puetz knows just how to uncover its fascination. Uncover Exciting History tells separate stories – including some little-known facts – from America’s heritage in information-packed, action-crammed chapters. Amy not only tells what happened, when it occurred, and where, but she also includes the background that makes each story truly come alive. The stories, told from a Christian perspective, include “Christ Bearer: Christopher Columbus”; “The Lost Colony of Roanoke”; “To the Shores of Tripoli: the Barbary Coast Wars”; “Daniel Webster: Defender of the Constitution”; and “The Klondike Gold Rush”. Each chapter concludes with a few brief questions to encourage discussion and some recommended resources for additional study.
This is one history book that appeals to everyone in the family. Boys love the action, adventure, and courage brought out in the lives of our Founding Fathers and history makers. They appreciate the stories’ real ties to their world; Amy tells what rivers Lewis and Clark traveled up, what lakes were crossed during the Klondike, and what territories were preached during the Second Great Awakening. Girls will enjoy the mystery, family background, and depiction of daily life in each story. Parents will appreciate learning more about history and the story behind the story.
We enjoyed Uncover Exciting History over lunch each day. It took quite a long time to read each short, easy-to-read chapter, because we found ourselves stopping to discuss as we read. Someone always wanted to look up a place on the atlas, to comment on what they knew about the subject from previous research, or to ask questions about details such as troop movement, innovations, or geography. Even though Amy Puetz recommends Uncover Exciting History for ages 12 and up, I would use it as a “read aloud” for ages 7 and up.
There is a danger in this book: once you and your children read these truly interesting tales from our nation’s past, you will never want to read a dry textbook again. You will, however, disturb your librarian with enthusiastic exclamations when you uncover one of Amy’s recommended resources from his shelf. And your family will gain a deeper appreciation for the exciting ways God works in history.
Date Added: 10/04/2010 by Lea Ann Garfias
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