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Costumes with Character Printed Book


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Make Your Own Costumes from Eleven Time Periods with One Dress!
By Amy Puetz
Foreword by Jennie Chancey
72 full color pages
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Also available as an e-book

Printed patterns from the book

It is Easy to Make Historical Costumes with Only One Dress!


Are you ready to make history come alive? This easy sewing book has patterns and step-by-step instructions for making accessories for eleven different time periods. Brave the wilderness in an authentic looking pioneer bonnet, attend a tea party in a Victorian collar, and help America win the Revolution dressed in a vest. These are just a few of the time periods covered in this innovative book.

Costumes with Character highlights eleven different eras in American history.

The chapters are:

  • Colonial (Pilgrim & Puritan 1620-1700)
  • Quaker (1681-1860)
  • American Revolution (1775-1783)
  • Young Republic (1800-1820)
  • Romantic Era (1820-1848)
  • Pioneer (1800s)
  • Civil War (1861-1865)
  • Sailor (1865-1905)
  • Victorian 1880s
  • Victorian 1890s
  • Turn of the Century (1900-1910)
  • Tea Party


Each chapter has color instructions to make cuffs, aprons, bonnets, hats, collars, vests, etc. There are also lots of extra goodies like quotes, quizzes, and beautiful pictures. You will learn more about the history of the eras from reliable old sources.

A fun book for girls and ladies of all ages. The patterns are designed for young adults but a handy adjustment formula is included to help you use the patterns for younger girls.

Pictures from the book!


What others are saying about Costumes with Character:

"It is possible to create wonderful costumes to portray historical events without emptying your pocketbook or losing your mind over complicated directions. If you are looking for a fun way to introduce daughters to sewing, this book is also a super jumping-off point."
Jennie Chancey
Homeschooling mom & owner of Sense & Sensibility Patterns

"As a homeschool mom for nearly 15 years, a staple to learning history was our dress-up box. Dramatizing is crucial to cementing lessons learned, and igniting a desire to know more! Amy Puetz has made it easier for families everywhere to accomplish that very goal by providing practical patterns, transforming a basic dress to fit decades of history. Her clear illustrations and easy to follow instructions allow even the novice seamstress to create beautiful accessories, altering the dress to fit the eras. Easy on the pocketbook, yet rich in elegance and design, so many choices of costume will provide your child years of imagination and play!"
Amy Pak
Home School in the Woods,

"This book is every girl's dream come true! What little girl wouldn't want an entire historical wardrobe representing many different time periods! But do not be alarmed as this isn't a mother's nightmare, but a very practical helper. All of the historical outfits are based on just one basic dress. What could be more practical for a busy mom? Sew one dress and create multiple outfits for your daughter's dress up play and imagination. Ideal for historical reenactments and feasts, which is something THIS homeschooling family loves to do."
Terri Johnson
Knowledge Quest, Inc.


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Costumes with Character ePatterns

Some of the patterns from the book in a PDF file! The patterns are available in Costumes with Character too, they are just on a grid and need to be enlarged before using. This ebook has some of the patterns already the right size. All you have to do is print them up on legal size paper.

The larger patterns are available in a printed format here.

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