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Five Little Peppers Midway by Margaret Sidney


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Five Little Peppers Midway by Margaret Sidney
Five Little Peppers Series Book 2
Pages 426
Ages 9 and up
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Five Little Peppers Midway tells the story of their life in the interval between childhood and the young manhood and maidenhood of the older children, and a royally good story it is. The same loving little Peppers--Polly, Ben, Davie, Joel, and the universal pet, Phronsie--all reappear in the new story, not a bit spoiled by the prosperity that has come to them and their wise and tenderly loved mother, who is still "Mamsie" to them. The story is abounding with pleasant surprises that the young people are constantly getting up for each other, among which are parlor theatricals, in which pet Phronsie covers herself with glory as the beautiful princess who is carried off by terrible dragons (the boys). There are some exciting but less agreeable happenings, too, as when Lick breaks his leg, Phronsie gets lost, a real burglar is secured by Dick's heroism, and a sham burglary results disastrously to Joel.
(This book is a scan of the original.)

"Margaret Sidney stands side by side with Louisa May Alcott in fresh, heartfelt style, in refined sensibility, and in pure and wholesome depiction of home life among children." --Journal of Education, 1892

"Every page is full of sunshine." --Detroit Free Press, 1892

"Its great charm lies in the beautiful blending of mature life with that of childhood. It teaches to every parent beautiful and instructive lessons without seeming to try." --Inter-Ocean, Chicago, 1892

"Little Phronsie will become one of the best loved characters of children's fiction." --Boston Journal, 1892

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