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What Katy Did at School By Susan Coolidge


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What Katy Did at School By Susan Coolidge
What Katy Did Series Book 2
Pages 278
Ages 8 and up
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In this sequel to What Katy Did we find Katy and Clover attending boarding school. The clever writing style of Susan Coolidge again draws the reader into the book. All the delightful characters of the first book are here as well as the addition of many new colorful people. At school Katy and Clover become friends with Rose Red, an outgoing girl who seems to always get into scrapes. Katy helps form a special club at school that encourages the other girls to behave as proper young ladies. They called it “The Society for the Suppression of Unladylike Conduct.” If you enjoyed the first book in this series then you will love the second one too! (This book is a scan of the original.)

Here are what the critics of her day said about Susan Coolidge’s books
Susan Coolidge in this gives us a sequel to What Katy Did, and it is needless to say what a charming, sunshiny story it is. It is the only really good description of a school-girl's life from the true school-girl standpoint that we have ever read, and it is written in admirable style. --Baltimore Bulletin, 1874

Stories of boarding-school life are apt to be over full of slang, somewhat unlady-like adventures, and charged with a generally "loud" and rather "fast” tone. None of these features mark the present volume. It is full of health and cheeriness and life, but never descends into vulgarity or commonness. Wherever sweet Katy Carr and her sister go is sure to be found the abiding sense of duty and maidenliness. All who read What Katy Did fell in love with the heroine, and she is not less lovable at the "Nunnery" in Hillsover. The story is full of fun, narrating boarding-school pranks, the formation and progress of a secret society, the visits in vacation, etc. The great charm of the book is its simplicity and freshness, with the high, pure tone which runs through it. --Liberal Christian Magazine, 1874

One of the purest, sprightliest, and best of girls' books that we have ever read is Susan Coolidge's What Katy Did at School. It is a volume growing out of the charming juvenile, What Katy Did, but rounded and unified in itself; its relations giving it an added interest to Katy's old friends, without in the least detracting from that of new acquaintances. . . . The atmosphere of the book is pure and inspiring, while the fascination of the story is so great that it must have countless readers. Will not Miss Woolsey take the pen again? The influence of such books as these is as precious as it is pervasive.
From the N. Y. Mail, 1874

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