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Uncover Exciting History Ebook


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Revealing America’s Christian Heritage in Short, Easy-to-Read Nuggets
By Amy Puetz
184 Pages
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Also available as an illustrated printed book and an audio book

History Is Not Boring!
What is history anyway? It is the story of real people who did real things. For history to be fun for everyone (even those who think they hate history), it must go beyond hard facts and meaningless dates to the real people who made the significant events happen. People like George Washington, who bravely crossed the partly frozen Delaware River to attack the British at Trenton. Stories like that of the bold Americans who bravely fought against the Barbary pirates during the little-known Barbary War show how interesting history is.

True History Is Exciting!
Here are some of the stories in this book:

  •     Discover how the U.S. created the Constitution
  •     Experience the miraculous victory at the Battle of New Orleans
  •     Explore America's expansion west
  •     Uncover one of America's best weapons used during World War II

This book is great for:

  •     History Buffs
  •     Those who want the story behind the event
  •     Adults who want a snapshot view of American history
  •     Homeschool families, either as a read aloud or for students 12 and up

In this 184 page book you will meet some of America's most famous people like George Washington and some of her not so famous people like Daniel Webster. Click here to see the table of contents. There are also four bonus chapters! The first bonus chapter is about famous mothers and the next three are about famous explorers.

Bonus Chapters:

  • The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Mothers Who Changed the World Through Their Children
  • Medieval Explorer: Marco Polo
  • Evangelistic Explorer: David Livingstone
  • Daring Explorer of Antarctica: Robert Falcon Scott

Comments from others
"Amy Puetz always finds the 'story' to tell about her person or event in history." -Dr. Ruth Beechick

"How did a pirate help Americans win the Battle of New Orleans? How did a conscientious objector capture 132 Germans? Who developed a code language that was never broken during WWII?
   "Story-telling is the greatest way to excite people about history, and Amy Puetz loves to tell stories. With vocabulary suited to middle grade children, the whole family will enjoy Uncover Exciting History as they gather ‘round for family reading time. Each six-page story closes with Digging Deeper, a selection of discussion questions and project ideas to personalize the story. Period photos and maps enhance the book even more. Uncover Exciting History is a great resource for Christian families and those who yearn to see God’s hand behind American history."
-Marcia Washburn Building Tomorrow’s Generation at

"Uncover Exciting History is light reading on a remarkable theme: the people and events who made America, never forgetting the God who made America’s people and events. I punctuated my reading by hunting down family and regaling them with 'Did you knows?' This is history to whet the appetites of the whole family."
-Rachel Starr Thomson Author of Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled & The Seventh World Trilogy

"Amy Puetz has a gift for history. Avoiding the dryness of excessive detail, Amy brings out the essence of other times and distant places, taking us along on the journey to meet famous generals, intrepid explorers, and common, everyday people who made their mark on our world. This collection of sketches isn’t meant to be an in-depth study of world history. Instead, you’ll find the collection a great way to introduce the reluctant historian in your family to the excitement and drama of the past. Short enough to be read easily and quickly, yet informative enough to give your kids a good overview of historical events, these narratives are the perfect way to whet your children's appetites for learning about history. Even better, they’re written from a Christian perspective, giving your children an appreciation for God’s providential hand in world history. Highly recommended!"
-Jonathan Lewis Home School Enrichment Magazine

"I had the opportunity to review the book Uncover Exciting History: Revealing America’s Christian Heritage and would like to share my findings with you. This book is an excellent introduction to many of the very important events that have occurred in America’s history. I love that it comes from a Christian perspective leaving me the opportunity to use it as a read aloud, or hand it off to my older student for independent use. The short chapters are great as is, yet can easily become a spring board for older students (or moms planning a study) to do some research on their own. Best of all the chapters leave you wanting to know even more about each person, place in history, or event . . . isn’t that what we are trying to evoke in our children, a love of learning with a desire to learn constantly?! If you’ll be studying American History anytime soon, I suggest you pick up this wonderful resource."

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