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The Maiden of Sodbury Hall Printed Book


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A Tale of the Reformation during the Time of Tyndale
By Mrs. S. T. Martyn
Edited by Phyllis Puetz and Amy Puetz
Ages 12 and up
Printed, paperback book
129 pages
Also available as an ebook
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Have you ever wondered what life was like during the Reformation? This book gives a glimpse into the world of Tyndale from the perspective of a young lady. Anne was tutored by him along with her cousins at Sodbury Hall. From her country home she chronicles the exciting events of England's break with the Roman Church. She goes from being a frivolous young lady to a devoted Christian because of the words found in the Bible. This book will inspire you as you learn of the sacrifices that were made to give the Word of God to the English speaking people. This is historical fiction at its best. Originally published in 1867. Recommended for ages 12 to adult.

Excerpt from the Book
One of the laundry maids in Sir Thomas More's household, a pretty, modest girl, drew my attention by the deep sadness always visible in her countenance. One day when she was busy in my room, I ventured to take out my little Testament for a few moments reading. When she perceived what I was reading, she dropped the work she had in her hand, and coming up to me said with tears in her eyes, "Ah, mistress, if you read that book, I am sure you are good, and will feel some pity for me, alone as I am in the world."

"What is it, Joan, that troubles you?" I inquired. "In what way can I help or comfort you?"

"Unfortunately," she replied, "it is little indeed that anyone can do to ease sorrows like mine, but you look kind, and I think I may trust you. After hearing my story, you will no longer wonder at the sadness that weighs upon me."

"The Maiden of Sodbury Hall is an inspiring read. It is an impacting page-turner that made me appreciate the power of God's Word, and it's role throughout history."
Abigail Prigge,

Bonus Ebook
The Gospels
The Gospels Translated by Wycliffe and Tyndale

Would you like to read the Gospels as Tyndale wrote them? In this ebook there is a copy of Tyndale's translation next to the translation done by Wycliffe. It is very interesting to see the spelling and use of words. For instance here is John 3:16 as translated by Tyndale, "God soo loved the worlde, that he gave his only sonne, for the entent that none that beleve in hym shulde perisshe, butt shulde have everlastynge lyfe. For God sent not his sonne into the worlde, to condempne the worlde, but that the worlde through him myght be saved." This is an interesting book! See how many different ways the word, "it" is spelled!

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