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Mega Pioneer Collection


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The pioneer era comes to life in this packed collection of pioneer resources. 12 items plus 3 bonus books make this collection a must for homeschool families and lovers of pioneer history.

Heroines of the Past-Pioneer 1775-1912
By Amy Puetz
E-book, 40 pages, $14.95
View Sample Pages!
Unit study about little-known women in history
Welcome back to the days of covered wagons and log cabins. Let the Pioneer Era come alive as you read the pages of this delightful e-book. It features:

  • Two articles about heroines of the past (Narcissa Whitman, the first white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains and Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author who wrote about her pioneer experiences)
  • Encouraging quotes
  • Fun facts
  • Instructions for making a pioneer shawl
  • If You Were a Pioneer Woman
  • A quiz about pioneer women
  • A book review about Caddie Woodlawn
  • Three pages of recommended resources
  • Games from long ago
  • Examining historical art
  • Write a story from a pioneer picture
  • Four Heroines of the Past Collectable Cards

Plus 3 Bonus Books!

Pioneer Cooking, E-book, 4 pages, Price $0.99 FREE
A short e-book with recipes from the Pioneer era. This book contains four recipes. Get this book for FREE when you purchase Heroines of the Past-Pioneer.

Penetrating the Wilderness and Bringing Water to the Fort: Two Short Stories about the Pioneers By Albert Franklin Blaisdell and Francis Kingsley Ball in 1905, E-book, 7 pages, Price $2.95 FREE
This short e-book has two fascinating stories about pioneers. In the first story, Penetrating the Wilderness is the exciting adventure of pioneers who journeyed to Nashville by boat. They faced many dangers and these are brilliantly retold in this old book. The second story, Bringing Water to the Fort is about the pioneer’s of Bryan’s Fort in Kentucky. When they were surrounded by Indians and awaiting an attack, they had to do some fast thinking and acting to bring water to the fort.

Heroines of the Past Collectable Cards Games and Activities, E-book, 4 pages, Price $0.99 FREE
This e-book has several fun ideas of things you can do with the cards in the Heroines of the Past-Pioneer e-book.

Make Your Own Log Cabin by Amy Puetz

E-book, 5 pages, Price $0.99
Have you ever wanted to have your own log cabin? Well now you can! In this short e-book I share a story of a log cabin adventure and how to make your own log cabin using firewood. Lots of fun!

Wagon Wheels West Coloring Book Compiled by Amy Puetz

 E-book, 34 pages, Price $3.95
Over thirty coloring book pages from the pioneer’s trek west, including two maps, one of the California Trail and the other of the Oregon Trail.

Songs of the West Compiled by Amy Puetz

E-book, 49 pages, Price $7.95
How would you like to sing the songs of the west? This book has sheet music and lyrics to twenty songs that were popular during the pioneer era. Songs included are:
The Erie Canal
Boll Weevil Song
Oh, My Darling Clementine
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Old Dan Tucker
The Little Old Sod Shanty
Oh! Susanna
Old Folks at Home
Some Folks Do
Beautiful Dreamer
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain
Home on the Range
Git Along Little Dogies
The Old Chisholm Trail
I Ride an Old Paint
The Cowboy
A brief description of each song is included. Make history come alive for you and your family. If you want to find music to the songs online there is also a list of helpful websites.

Image - A Prayer for My Beloved Parents by Narcissa Whitman

PDF file, 12 pages, Price $0.99
This is a PDF file of an image that would be perfect for a wall hanging. The image comes in four different colors (pink, green, blue, and brown) and three different sizes (8x10, 5x7, and 4x6). The quote by Narcissa Whitman says, “I have a freedom in prayer for my beloved Parents. Earnestly desired that God would bless them in their declining years, and smooth their passage to the tomb; that in the absence of their earthly comforts, he would fill their souls with his more immediate presence, so that they may never have cause to regret the sacrifice they have made for his Name Sake.” The quote is beautifully designed with a picture of Mrs. Whitman. When buying this image you have permission to print it up for yourself and immediate family. Making copies for extended families and friends is not permitted. For best results print on cardstock or photo paper.

The Pioneer Women of the West by Mrs. Elizabeth F. Ellet published in 1856

E-book, 430 pages, Price $7.95
This manuscript begins with the early pioneers who settled Tennessee and Kentucky. Not only does it highlight the lives of pioneer women but it also sheds light into the daily lives of settlers. Truly a delightful e-book! You will enjoy reading about Rebecca Boone and over fifty other pioneer women. A deep e-book for advanced readers. (This book is a scan of the original.)  View sample pages of the e-book!

Pioneers of America by Albert F. Blaisdell & Francis K. Ball Published in 1919

E-book, 160 pages, Price $4.95
This book has many thrilling stories of early pioneers beginning before the Revolution and ending with Lincoln’s boyhood on the frontier. The stories are told in an engaging and easy to read manner. Both boys and girls will enjoy this e-book! (This book is a scan of the original.)

The First White Woman Across the Rockies, A Short History of Narcissa Whitman by her Adopted Daughter Mrs. Catherine Sager Pringle and Excerpts from Narcissa’s Diary

E-book, 5 pages, Price $0.99
There are many things that history books don’t include. What inspired Narcissa Whitman to become a missionary? How did she and Dr. Whitman meet? These interesting details will not be found in a history book but are recorded by the Whitman’s adopted daughter Catherine Sager. It is very fascinating to read this account of Narcissa Whitman by a woman who knew her. Also included are some excerpts from Mrs. Whitman’s diary. (This book is a scan of the original.)

Carlota By Frances Margaret Fox

E-book, 179 pages, Price $4.95
Before California became a territory of the United States it was part of Mexico. In 1846 a little American girl and her brother were living at the San Gabriel Mission. Their neighbor was a Spanish girl named Carlota. Will Mary Louise become friends with Carlota, even though their political ideas are completely different? Will California become part of the United States or will the Spanish kill all the Americans? Find out in this delightful book that is geared for younger children. (This book is a scan of the original.)

A Survivor’s Recollections of the Whitman Massacre by Matilda J. Sager Delaney

E-book, 46 pages, Price $3.95
On November 29, 1847 the Whitman’s Mission was attacked by Indians. In the following massacre Dr. and Mrs. Whitman were killed. One of the eye witnesses of the events was a little girl of about eight named Matilda Sager. As an adult Matilda tells a first-hand account of the events of that day and what happened to her and her sisters afterwards. This short history is not a literary masterpiece but it is very thrilling to hear the story from an eye witness. I could almost imagine the elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair telling the story to her grandchildren. (This book is a scan of the original.)

Pioneer Chapter from Costumes With Character by Amy Puetz

E-book, 12 pages, Price $3.95
Have you always wanted to have a pioneer bonnet like the one Laura Ingalls Wilder wore? In this excerpt from Costumes With Character there is a pattern and instructions for making a pioneer sunbonnet and a large apron. Perfect for the little pioneer in your home!

Western Women Old Time Radio Dramas  

5 MP3 audios, Price $9.95
These radio programs are old so the quality is not top of the line but still, because of their age, they have a certain charm that makes them delightful. The commercials have been cut out and each program is a little under thirty minutes.
Transcontinental Journeys
Cavalcade of America November 11, 1936
In 1936 a little old lady boarded a plane heading for California. During the trip she related to her fellow passengers another transcontinental journey she made in 1856 by covered wagon. A fascinating story that shows how quickly America progressed.
Nancy Hanks
Inheritance November 14, 1954
Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln but the history of his beloved mothers is rather obscure. In this dramatic program a family travels to Gettysburg to hear the President dedicate the battleground. The family wonders what influenced Lincoln to be a magnificent statesman and the show flashes back to the days of Nancy Hanks. Very well done.
The Petticoat Jury
Cavalcade of America May 5, 1946
When an eastern lady comes to Wyoming as a school teacher she has no idea what challenges await her. She soon is heading up a jury with other ladies to help establish law and justice.
Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater April 30, 1945
There are not many stories told from the perspective of the Indians but this beautiful story does just that. Ramona marries an Indian and then suffers with him as the white men push them off their land. This radio drama is based on a book of the same name by Helen Hunt Jackson in 1884. The author was trying to elevate the Indians just as Uncle Tom’s Cabin had helped the blacks.
Annie Oakley
Cavalcade of America June 16, 1941
This is a beautiful retelling of America’s favorite Little Miss Sure Shot--Annie Oakley. It covers her years of traveling with the Wild Wild West Show and her marriage to Frank Butler.

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