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Historical Skits (Volume 1) Printed Book


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Printed book
48 pages
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Visit France as Benjamin Franklin during the American Revolution. Cross the continent as Lewis and Clark. Save the painting of Washington as Dolly Madison when the British burn the White House. Discover gold in California at Sutter’s Mill. Travel west as pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Nurse soldiers during the outbreak of the  Spanish Influenza during World War I. All these adventures and thirteen more are awaiting the young actor of today! In these short skits, students can jump into the shoes of historical people and bring history to life.

While memorizing the date that Columbus discovered America is important, acting out a skit that shows how he connected with Queen Isabella is quite captivating.  In this book there are nineteen historical plays from the time of Columbus to World War II. Some of the short skits call for only three actors while others call for as many as ten.

Do you want to make history come to life?
Performing historical plays is a great way to do that!

"Historical Skits is a resource that will enrich your school library. Historical facts are embedded into each character's line in a way that will make history come to life. Your student will internalize what life was like from each character's point of view. I highly recommend this collection of short plays for a good read or to bring to the stage!"
Abigail Prigge,

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