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Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney


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Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney
Five Little Peppers Series Book 1
Pages 427
Ages 9 and up
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The five little Peppers are a poor family who live in a little brown house. There is sturdy Ben who is the head of the family, Polly, the kind oldest daughter who makes things nice for everyone, next comes Joel and Davie, and last of all is Phronsie, the little darling of the family. Mrs. Pepper, their mother, tries to provide for her children and although they lack luxuries they are rich in love. Their lives change forever when they meet Jasper King and his father. A very delightful book!
(This book is a scan of the original.)

"Happy, sunshiny stories of a family poor in worldly goods, but rich in lively boys and girls, and filled with a splendid home spirit." --N.Y. City, 1904

"Was there ever a more charming story for children than the Five Little Peppers? That book at once took its place among the classics for children." --Golden Rule, 1892

"A book of home life and love. It tells the story of a poor family, obliged to pinch and plan and scrimp from day to day; but the members are so imbued with the home-spirit as to make the little brown house in which they live a genuine paradise." --Chicago Interior, 1892

"It is not one of the professed Christmas books, but there is enough Christmas feeling in it for six." --Boston Budget, 1892

"Of all books for juvenile readers not one possesses more of the peculiar qualities which go to make up a perfect story. It ought, for the lesson it teaches, to be in the hands of every boy and girl in the country." --Boston Transcript, 1892

"The little Peppers were very poor, but very happy and affectionate in spite of it." --Boston Journal, 1892

"The author shows inventive power and much insight into the mysterious depths of child nature." --Western Christian Advocate, 1892

"It cannot but have a beneficial influence on the disposition of every little reader." --Chicago Journal, 1892

"This story abounds in amusing incidents to please the children, and at the same time instills lessons of unselfish love and attention to duty." --Boston Times, 1892

"It is one of the brightest, breeziest, most natural and most enjoyable of the portraits of children's home life in America--the paradise of childhood." --Christian Observer, 1892

"There is so strong a love of humanity impelling the pen of Margaret Sidney that in whatever she writes she makes interesting the homeliest and most ordinary aspects of daily life, and imparts to duty the glory of doing and to virtue its own reward." --Chicago Inter-Ocean, 1892

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