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Heidi by Johanna Spyri


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Heidi by Johanna Spyri
Pages 319
Ages 9 and up
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This is one of the best loved classics of all times. Who wouldn’t love the charming little orphan who went to live with her stern old Grandfather? Heidi learns to love the aged man and their neighbors, Goat Peter, his mother, and Grandma. But Heidi’s aunt takes her to live with Clara, a crippled girl who lives far away in a big city. During this time Heidi is very lonely for her mountain home. Read the book yourself to find out what happens. The book is much better than any of the movie adaptations.
(This book is a scan of the original.)

Reviews from 1886
The Atlantic Monthly pronounces Heidi "a delightful book . . . charmingly told. Altogether, it is one which we suspect will be looked back upon a generation hence by people who now read it in their childhood, and they will hunt for the old copy to read it to their children.”

A leading Sunday-school paper further says: "No better book for a Sunday-school library has been published for a long time. Scholars of all ages will read it with delight. Teachers and parents will share the children's enjoyment."

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