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An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott


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An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott
Pages 378
Ages 9 and up
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The book begins with Polly making a visit to her friend Fanny who delights in every new fashioned idea. Polly instead enjoys her girlhood and is branded "old fashioned" because of her pure and simple ways. Through her attempts to find good in others she helps Fanny and her family see the importance of family and how meaningless wealth can be. The story follows Polly to adulthood. An excellent book that equals if not surpasses Little Women.
(This book is a scan of the original.)

"A charming little book, brimful of the good qualities of intellect and heart which made Little Women so successful. The OldĀ  Fashioned Girl carries with it a teaching specially needed at the present day, and we are glad to know it is even already a decided and great success." --New York Independent, 1874

"Miss Alcott's new story deserves quite as great a success as her famous Little Women, and we dare say will secure it. She has written a book which child and parent alike ought to read, for it is neither above the comprehension of the one nor below the taste of the other. Her boys and girls are so fresh, hearty, and natural, the incidents of her story are so true to life, and the tone is so thoroughly healthy, that a chapter of the Old Fashioned Girl

"Gladly we welcome the Old Fashioned Girl to heart and home! Joyfully we herald her progress over the land! Hopefully we look forward to the time when our young people, following her example, will also be old-fashioned in purity of heart and simplicity of life, thus brightening like a sunbeam the atmospheres around them." --Providence Journal, 1874

"Miss Alcott has a faculty of entering into the lives and feelings of children that is conspicuously wanting in most writers who address them; and to this cause to the consciousness among her readers that they are hearing about people like themselves, instead of abstract qualities labeled with names, the popularity of her books is due. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are friends in every nursery and schoolroom, and even in the parlor and office they are not unknown: for a good story is interesting to older folks as well, and Miss Alcott carries on her children to manhood and womanhood, and leaves them only on the wedding-day." --Mrs. Sarah J. Hale in Godey's Ladies' Book, 1874
wakes up the unartificial better life within us almost as effectually as an hour spent in the company of good honest, sprightly children. The Old Fashioned Girl, Polly Milton, is a delightful creature!" --New York Tribune, 1874

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