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What Katy Did Next By Susan Coolidge


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What Katy Did Next By Susan Coolidge
What Katy Did Series Book 3
Pages 323
Ages 8 and up
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In the third book of the What Katy Did series Katy is all grown up and is given the opportunity to visit Europe. A neighbor lady, Mrs. Ash, and her young daughter, Amy, plan to tour Europe and they invite Katy to come along. Katy’s cheerfulness and kindness help make her a pleasant companion. Along the way they meet Katy’s snobbish cousin Lily and her mother. Lily has captured the affection of Mrs. Ash’s brother but Katy’s kind heart shows that outward beauty isn’t everything.  Katy’s selflessness shines forth when little Amy becomes ill and Katy must help her new friends through a difficult time. A very well written story! (This book is a scan of the original.)

Here are what the critics of her day said about Susan Coolidge’s books
"Of course everybody remembers what Katy has already done at home and at school, and everyone will be anxious, therefore, to follow her further history; especially as that history takes one into some of the most delightful localities of the world. Stories of travel are common enough of late, but this kind of transatlantic story for young readers has certainly not been overdone. The freshness of spirit, charm of style, warm sympathy with and large knowledge of childhood, which has characterized all of Susan Coolidge's stories for young readers reappear in this latest volume. The young people who travel through England and about the Continent in What Katy Did Next are just the sort of young people with whom it is pleasant to have other young people associate; that is to say, they are boys and girls of good manners, intelligent purpose, and delightful naturalness."
--Christian Union, 1901

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