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1 Hour, 57 Minutes
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An audio collection of 22 original speeches, letters, and documents that are mentioned in the Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History Curriculum.

1. God's Covenant with Noah and His Descendants (3:28)
2. The Code of Hammurabi (11:02)
3. The Ten Commandments (2:14)
4. Letters of Solomon and Hiram (1:51)
5. The Prayer of Jehoshaphat (2:03)
6. Letter of Nebuchadnezzar (7:56)
7. Veturia’s Petition to Coriolanus by Plutarch (3:11)
8. Alexander's Speech at Tyre (2:33)
9. Alexander's Visit to Jerusalem by Josephus (6:24)
10. The Letters of Ptolemy and the Jewish High Priest (4:29)
11. Speeches by Judas Maccabee (1:19)
12. Cicero's Speech Against Catiline (2:11)
13. Caesar's Account of the Invasion of Britain (20:09)
14. Speech of Germanicus (2:35)
15. The Eruption of Vesuvius by Pliny (10:13)
16. Letters of Pliny the Younger and Trajan about the Christians (7:27)
17. Excerpt from the Writings of Justin Martyr (1:47)
18. Letter by Justin Martyr to Antoninus Pius (7:38)
19. Nicene Creed (1:34)
20. Decrees of Constantine (6:51)
21. Excerpts from the Confessions by Augustine (5:33)
22. Saint Patrick's Account of His Escape from Slavery (5:09)

Disc Contains Mp3 Format Audio Files
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