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2015 March

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March 2015


Are you ready for spring? I know I am! Here on the golden prairie of Wyoming we have had blizzards and then sunshine. The sunshine sure makes it easier to live with the cold and snow, but I’m still ready for spring because that means Easter is coming. Each year at this time I’m reminded of what an indescribable gift God gave us when He sent His son. If you are looking for a book to help you prepare your hearts for Easter, Countdown to Easter might be a good choice. The countdown begins on March 23.

God bless,
Amy Puetz


Countdown to Easter book by Amy Puetz

Sale ends March 13, 2015


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Harolds Happy Easter
By Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
From Countdown to Easter by Amy Puetz

Happy Easter
For many, many weeks Harold had been obliged to sit still in a big arm chair because he had a sprained ankle.

"I don't mind it so much now," he said to his dear mother, when it was snowing and gray clouds shut out the sunshine, "but what shall I do when spring comes?"

"We shall see, Harold," his dear mother answered with a smile.

The spring came presently. Blue sky and yellow sunshine and red-breasted robins and white snowdrops made the spring. As Harold sat in his armchair by the window, he watched the boy who worked for the florist pass by with a huge pot of tall, white lilies.

"It will be Easter soon," Harold said, and a little round tear squeezed itself out of each one of his big brown eyes and trickled down his cheeks. “I wish I could keep Easter.”

"Shut your eyes, Harold, until I say ready," laughed his dear mother. Harold was so surprised that he shut his eyes quickly, closing inside all the other little round tears which had been waiting to squeeze themselves out.

"Ready!" called his dear mother. Harold opened his eyes. Oh, the surprise that awaited him!

Upon the play table right in front of his big chair, he saw all these treasures. There were six white eggs which Biddy Short Legs, his little brown hen, had laid for him, and five of them his dear mother had boiled. There was his box of paints of many colors. There was a pot of white glue. There were scissors and many pieces of tissue paper, pink and green and white and yellow and blue.

"Now we will make these eggs into beautiful Easter gifts for all our friends," explained Harold’s dear mother.

So they made one egg into a funny doctor man’s head for the kind doctor man who had taken care of Harold for so many weeks. He had a smiling face painted on the egg and big black spectacles cut from black tissue paper were glued on. A stiff white paper collar was glued about the smaller end of the egg and a stiff black paper hat was glued upon the larger end of the egg. Oh, such a funny little Easter gift it made!

Then Harold painted two beautiful eggs for the little twin girls who lived next door. First, his mother drew on each egg a picture of a white lily and Harold painted the outside of each egg around the picture of the lily a beautiful yellow. When the yellow paint was dry, Harold’s mother tied yellow ribbon with bows about each egg. They were very pretty indeed.

Next Harold wanted to make an Easter egg for Tommy, the kind little boy who lived across the street. So he painted one egg brown like a round, brown football. When the paint was dry his dear mother drew on the egg some fine pencil lines like the leather lacing of a football. Harold painted these lines black and the egg looked like a real football. Harold knew that Tommy’s eyes would shine when he saw it.

The fourth egg was to be made into an Easter gift for little Edith who lived in the house just beyond the twins. Harold’s mother helped him paint a sweet little girl’s face on the egg. Then they glued on yellow braids made of braided twisted yellow tissue paper and tied at the ends with bits of pale blue ribbon. Next came a little white cap made of tissue paper with a pink tissue paper rose over each ear. Last, a full ruffle of pink tissue paper was glued to the narrow end of the egg. It looked like a dress and made the tiny egg doll stand. It was a pretty little doll and not like any to be found in a toy shop. It would make Edith very happy.

"What shall I do with this egg?" Harold asked.

"We shall give it to Granny Gray who lives in the little lane at the end of the street and who is ill nearly all the time," Harold's mother said.

So she found a tiny basket and Harold snipped and snipped bits of tissue paper—pink and green and white and yellow and blue—until there was enough to make a nest inside the basket. In the nest they laid the egg and a little package of tea and a little jar of jelly and a little pot of cheese.

"I wish--" began Harold. Then he looked at the beautiful gifts that he had made. "Why, I can keep Easter," he finished happily.

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