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What to know what other families thing of the books by Amy Puetz? Click on the links below to find out more.

Reviews by Schoolhouse Review Crew

Or read these snippets from the reviews.

Bringing History to Life
Review of Ten Girls from History from We Love to Homeschool, "This is the way that I like to teach history, with living books and biographies. I'm not a fan of textbooks, as far as history goes. I would rather learn about history from the people who have a passion for it, from people who have a thorough knowledge of the subject they are writing about. This book is a good choice because it tells about young girls who have done great things. You not only learn about what they did, but a little about their character and their thought processes. This is inspiring for my three daughters. It helps show them that you don't have to wait until you are all grown-up to do great things, to make a difference." Read the full review

Review of Uncover Exciting History from The Adams Family Apple Tree, "I am so excited to bring you such an awesome review! I do not even know where to begin! This review is truly one that I totally LOVE!!! This text is unlike any other history text I have ever brought to my children." Read the full review

Review of Uncover Exciting History from McClanahan 7, "This book makes for a great read aloud with my kids, it reads like a book instead of a textbook. The chapters are fairly short but contain a lot of information. We all really like that there are people included in this book that we have never heard of & now my girls want to know more about some of them. Amy Puetz makes us feel that the people are real by showing us a side of them we don't normally think about. Like the price that the Founding Fathers paid to sign the Declaration of Independence." Read the full review

Learning Virtue from Historical People
Review of Ten Girls from History from Pioneer Journey, "There are so many bad examples in the world for young girls. Anything that will help inspire my daughters to want to be selfless, courageous, kind and intelligent are always welcome in my home. That is exactly what this book provides. Ten stories of girls who have something of value to teach our girls." Read the full review

Review of Heroines of the Past Bible Study from Training6Hearts4Him, "A Bible study about virtuous women and girls. Good examples of what it means to have courage for Christ. Women who put others before themselves. One thing of many that my husband and I want to instill in all our children is to have a servants heart. This book does a good job of giving examples of servant-hood. A virtue I want my children to have." Read the full review

Review of Heroines of the Past Bible Study from Homeschooling 3, "I cannot speak highly enough of this study. The selections of living literature chosen by Amy Puetz and the Bible portion she's authored is heart changing. We have all been touched in a positive way from the truths conveyed in this excellent study. I have heard all the children make reference to a virtue and character we've studied in a positive way over the past few weeks. We will most certainly take our time and finish this thirteen week Bible study. I love filling our hearts and minds with what is noble and good." Read the full review

Ease of Use
Review of Costumes with Character from Blessings Pour Out, "What I love best about her idea is the simple idea that many costumes can be made using the same basic dress simply by changing the embellishments, like different headcoverings, aprons, and cuffs on the sleeves. Absolutely ingenious! In today's world, where stores like Toys R' Us (and even catalogues we love like the American Girl one) tell our daughters that they need a different (expensive) outfit for each time setting, this minimalist, yet precisely detailed concept is just what we need to teach our girls that oftentimes less is more...but that doesn't mean you have to give up your fun!" Read the full review

Review of Costumes with Character from Train Up a Child, "Thank you, Amy Puetz, for creating a resource to help moms, grandmas and teens sew beautiful historical costumes for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought one." Read the full review

Review of Costumes with Character from ClarkClan Craziness, "I will start by saying that I have prior sewing experience. I sew clothing, accessories and some quilting. I have found the instructions included in Costumes with Character to be very well-written. They are easy to follow, step by step and include many well-done illustrations. All materials and needed notions are clearly laid out at the beginning of each project." Read the full review

Review of Costumes with Character from Eclectic Montage, "I expected to see ideas for patterns for different costumes representing genres in history. What I didn’t expect was to find a curriculum. She starts with a basic dress. What a great idea! One dress that you then add different embellishments to to transform it into the period costume. The directions for each embellishment are clear and concise. You don’t need to be a seamstress to follow along. They are simple enough that most anyone can do it. She provides clear details to ensure you are creating a costume that will fit your child or you." Read the full review

Learn about Little-known People in History
Review of Ten Girls from History from Kathys Cluttered Mind, "This book is a great resource and can easily be turned into mini unit studies if you wish to delve deeper into each girls story." Read the full review

Review of Heroines of the Past Bible Study from Our Preculiar Lives, "In each story, we read about a woman or girl in history who was a true heroine. Women that everyone has heard about like Florence Nightingale are in there, and women that very few have heard of. There are stories of girls saving shipwrecked men, a Scottish princess, a French girl in WWI. These are all women/girls who not only did brave and amazing things, but also exemplified virtues such as the Proverbs 31 woman did." Read the full review

Review of Heroines of the Past Bible Study from This Day Has Great Potential, "Heroines of the Past reminds us both to learn from strong, noble women in history and keeps our hearts focused on the virtues presented through their lives. We've been reading about faithful women who walked and talked and breathed JESUS, and as we've read, we've been inspired and encouraged. With over 30 heroines presented, we've been able to see GOD at work throughout history. We've studied Princess Edith from the Middle Ages, Elizabeth Zane from Fort Henry, Mary Slessor the Missionary and Edith Cavell from World War I and are looking forward to studying more women and seeing a glimpse of their hearts." Read the full review

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