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About Us

Amy Puetz


Amy Puetz (pronounced Pitts) is a homeschool graduate, a self-taught historian, and a servant of Jesus Christ. As the owner of Golden Prairie Press she publishes books that show history at its best. History has been a passion for her since childhood. Years of in-depth study (both in modern and old sources) have equipped her to write history-related books. Amy Puetz is the author of Uncover Exciting History: Revealing America's Christian Heritage in Short, Easy-to-Read Nuggets and Countdown to Christmas: Memory Making Stories and Activities for Every Day from December 1st to the 25th.

As a columnist for Home School Enrichment Magazine, she shares stories about historical events from a Christian worldview. She especially loves to dig for little-known stories that show God's providential hand. While suffering from a chronic illness (fibromyalgia), the Lord led her to start an online business, which would allow her to work from home. Over the last few years her health has greatly improved allowing her more opportunities of traveling for her business. She is the author of several ebooks. In her spare time she enjoys sewing and reading. Visit her website at to see many resources relating to history. 

Statement of Faith

I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That the Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God. That Jesus came to earth as a man and was crucified, died, buried and raised to life. I believe that the way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. That those who remain faithful to the end will go to be with Jesus in heaven for all eternity.

Mission Statement

It is this website’s deep desire to bring encouraging, uplifting, family friendly resources to Christian families and individuals. Through historical resources and other media it is the owner’s wish to renew the hearts of others.

The historical branch of this site is dedicated to bringing you resources that invoke a simpler time in history where God and His church were held in high esteem.

Through her deep love of history she tries to bring the past to life for the modern generation. She carefully chooses historical subjects for her books to ensure good role models for today’s young people.

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