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List of Colonists at Roanoke

The names of all the men, women and children, which safely arrived in Virginia, and remained to inhabit there. 1587.
Anno Regni Reginae Elizabethae 29.
John White - Governor

Roger Baily
Ananias Dare
Christopher Cooper
Thomas Stevens
John Sampson
Dyonis Harvie
Roger Prat
George Howe
Simon Fernando

Nicholas Johnson
Thomas Warner
Anthony Cage
John Jones
William Willes
John Brooke
Cutbert White
John Bright
Clement Tayler
William Sole
John Cotsmur
Humfrey Newton
Thomas Colman
Thomas Gramme
Marke Bennet
John Gibbes
John Stilman
Robert Wilkinson
John Tydway
Ambrose Viccars
Edmond English
Thomas Topan
Henry Berry
Richard Berry
John Spendlove
John Hemmington
Thomas Butler
Edward Powell
John Burden
James Hynde
Thomas Ellis
William Browne
Michael Myllet
Thomas Smith
Richard Kemme
Thomas Harris
Richard Taverner
John Earnest
Henry Johnson
John Starte
Richard Darige
William Lucas
Arnold Archard
John Wright
William Dutton
Morris Allen
William Waters
Richard Arthur
John Chapman
William Clement
Robert Little
Hugh Tayler
Richard Wildye
Lewes Wotton
Michael Bishop
Henry Browne
Henry Rufoote
Richard Tomkins
Henry Dorrell
Charles Florrie
Henry Mylton
Henry Paine
Thomas Harris
William Nichols
Thomas Phevens
John Borden
Thomas Scot
Peter Little
John Wyles
Brian Wyles
George Martyn
Hugh Pattenson
Martyn Sutton
John Farre
John Bridger
Griffen Jones
Richard Shabedge
James Lasie
John Cheven
Thomas Hewet
William Berde

Elyoner Dare
Margery Harvie
Agnes Wood
Wenefrid Powell
Joyce Archard
Jane Jones
Elizabeth Glane
Jane Pierce
Audry Tappan
Alis Chapman
Emme Merrimoth
Margaret Lawrence
Joan Warren
Jane Mannering
Rose Payne
Elizabeth Viccars

John Sampson
Robert Ellis
Ambrose Viccars
Thomas Archard
Thomas Humfrey
Thomas Smart
George Howe
John Prat
William Wythers

Children borne
in Virginia

Virginia Dare
From The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques & Discoveries of the English Nation: Made by Sea Or Over-land to the Remote and Farthest Distant Quarters of the Earth at Any Time Within the Compasse of These 1600 Yeeres
By Richard Hakluyt, Published in 1904, Page 403

Books about Roanoke

I used these first two books extensively while writing the article about Roanoke. Since John Smith was probably the only man who knew for sure what happened to the colony I included his writings as well.
-Amy Puetz


240276: The Lost Colony of Roanoke The Lost Colony of Roanoke
By Jean Fritz / Putnam Juvenile

The creators of Leonardo's Horse, an ALA Notable Book, again combine their masterful talents to illuminate a tragic piece of history that still fascinates Americans today--the disappearance of 115 colonists in 1587, who seemingly vanished without a trace. Full color.

23215: Roanoke: The Lost Colony: An Unsolved Mystery From History Roanoke: The Lost Colony: An Unsolved Mystery From History
By Jane Yolen / Simon & Schuster Trade Sales

Solve one of the unsolved mysteries in history! Learn the facts about Roanoke Colony in this delicatelly illustrated book that follows a young sleuth's notes as she learns about the lost colony. "Sticky notes" provide definitions of unusual or historical words, while "notebook" paper provides historical background and other relevant notes. Read carefully and check your clues. You might be the first to solve a puzzle that has baffled people for years! 32 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

530018: Captain John Smith: Writings Captain John Smith: Writings
By James Horn / Library of America

One of the truly legendary figures of American history, the soldier, explorer, and colonist Captain John Smith was a vivid and prolific chronicler of the beginnings of English settlement in the New World. This Library of America volume brings together seven of his works, along with 16 additional narratives by other writers, that recount firsthand the tragic, harrowing, and dramatic events of the settlement of Roanoke and Jamestown.

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